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Get Even More out of Your Membership with AMA Online Account

Use some of our most popular services, anywhere, anytime.


Manage Your Membership

You can do most membership related things inside your online account - renew, view billing history, add family members, upgrade coverage levels, and more.

Renew Your Vehicle Registration

Never worry about forgetting to renew your vehicle registration! You can now renew automatically online, just add your credit card and we will send your sticker in the mail.

Find Wait Times

Whether you need a tow, boost, or are locked out of your vehicle, you can check to see what the wait times are for services in your area from your online account.

Order Pizza

We've partnered with Pizza 73 to bring you great savings when you order through your online account. Simply use your generated coupon code to save on Every Day Deals.

Update Your Account Settings

You can now change your email preferences, update your information, and more from within your AMA online account.

Reload On the Fly

Get 5% cash back on the things you’re already buying with gift cards from AMA. Save on gas, groceries and everyday essentials while you earn reward dollars. Choose your cards and start saving today.